90 Day Biz Challenge, Go From 0-20k per month w/Affiliate Marketing

90 Day Biz Challenge, Go From 0-20k per month w/Affiliate Marketing
90 Day Biz Challenge, Go From 0-20k per month w/Affiliate Marketing

Are you an entrepreneur looking to make more money? Are you ready to take your business from 0-20k per month with affiliate marketing? Then this 90 Day Biz Challenge is for you!

This affiliate program provides entrepreneurs with comprehensive training and service tools, designed to help them succeed in their business. 

  • Mindset Prep- Getting Ready For The Bag!
  • Affiliate Program Introduction- What Are We Scaling?
  • Affiliate Program Training- Getting Started with the ERC
  • Systems & Automation- Back Office Systems, Resources & Tools
  • Marketing Execution- Scale The ERC Referral Program in 30 days

Mindset Prep- Getting Ready For The Bag!
The challenge begins with mindset training, which helps participants get into the right frame of mind for success. This includes developing positive thinking habits, setting realistic goals, and learning how to stay motivated throughout the process. 

Affiliate Program Overview- What Are We Scaling?
Next up, is the Program– For this challenge, participants will be introduced to the Employee Retention Tax Credit (ERC). Here participants will learn: The ERC program and how to get started. Get Your Affiliate Link

Affiliate Program Training- Getting Started with The ERC
Receive your guide which explains the Referral Program & specific steps to help grow your ERC Affiliate Program.

Systems & Automation- Back Office, Resources & Tools
From there it’s time for Building Phase - Lead management, back office systems, Resources & Tools. Here entrepreneurs learn about setting up systems, creating ERC funnels, crm, email automation tools. All geared towards helping create a successful affiliate partner program quickly and efficiently.

Marketing Execution- Scaling Leads & $$$
Finally comes the Marketing Execution where participants develop tactics needed to execute using networking, cold calling, virtual events, social media platforms such as FB, IG, Twitter, LinkedIn, & Clubhouse. Setting up these channels will result in conversion rates increasing significantly over time. 

With this complete suite of resources at your disposal, if followed correctly, the 90 Day Biz Challenge, should have no problem taking any aspiring entrepreneur's business from 0-20k per month within 30 days by leveraging ERC referral program effectively . 

So don't wait another minute!! 

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