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Meet Tonya Danee



Tonya Danee' is a seasoned entrepreneur, licensed event planner, and a highly sought-after motivational speaker and empowerment coach. With her unique blend of expertise in NLP, chakras, fitness, and retreats, Tonya invites you on a journey of self-discovery and transformation.

Tonya's inspiring personal story of overcoming emotional pain and her remarkable 115 lb weight-loss journey in just 18 months, showcases her commitment to living an Authentically Aligned life. With her motto of "Authentically Aligned" and her mantra of "Fun, Fitness, & Finance", Tonya has made it her life's mission to empower women all over the world to step into their personal power and align with their true purpose.

Tonya offers a wide range of virtual and live events, including masterclasses, workshops, and retreats, designed to support individuals on their journey of alignment and authenticity. With her compassionate, empowering, and authentic approach, Tonya works to help you release self-limiting beliefs, connect with your inner guidance, and align with your Authentic Self and Next Level Life Purpose.

Join Tonya on this transformative journey today and start living life authentically aligned. Remember, whether you participate or not, life is still happening! -Tonya Danee'

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