AYE, "Authentically You Experience", encourages you to go inside and do the work. AYE is all about releasing and healing. Helping you design your own journey, creating a spiritual imprint to take with you to help guide you into your highest alignment."

Our exclusive experiences are designed around your specific life transformation and wellness needs. We select the ideal mix of practitioners, coaches, and facilitators - each bringing rich personal and professional experiences - to ensure you have the opportunity to listen, learn, grow, connect, and have fun. Plus, we provide an intuitive and diverse selection of resources, venues, and activities. 

What Are Empowerment

Empowerment Experiences take you on a journey to focus solely on yourself and discover the true you. There are retreats, masterclasses, workshops and courses for when you are starting out on your route to self discovery and also those who want to advance their journey. Free yourself from daily stresses and browse the retreats below with creative retreats, healing, empowerment, fitness, professional empowerment and many more...

Personal Transformation

With the wisdom & expertise of professionals skillfully remove the blocks to living your most vibrant, authentic self.

Find Your Purpose

Discover your vast, untapped potential. Gain insight to move forward with knowledge & courage.


Learn skills & techniques to connect within to an abundant source of joy, strength & confidence.

Inner Transformation

Many of life’s answers are sought in the outside world, through people, things, and experiences – but when you pause and connect inward you discover that all the answers and clarity you will ever need, lay deep within you. There is an abundant source of strength, wisdom, creativity, peace, and joy inside of you. All it takes is the motivation to self-inquire, the wisdom and guidance of an expert, and a safe, supportive environment where you are completely at ease. When you retreat with us, that’s exactly what you experience. Personal transformation is possible. 

Through movement, ceremony, and community you will experience intense shifts and awakenings. Every day we will have a healing activity followed by an activation activity such as dancing, meditation, yoga, or water activity. 

Are You Ready To Retreat?
It's time to get what you need for your life transformation. It's time to put yourself first and consider the whole you.  Get what you need for your new normal in a relaxed environment. Come reboot your relationships, careers, businesses and overall way of life at a Roots 2 RICHuals Retreat experience. 

While in a completely relaxing, emotionally safe and most comfortable atmosphere we offer time to bond,  fresh ideas and coaching, support each other and most importantly have a good time!
Our facilitators, coaches, and guides will guide you through stimulating workshops, share tools of the trade, create unity through cultural activities, and help reset your body by sharing health and wellness principles.
Work With Us
Let Us Design a Retreat Experience For You & Your Brand!
We design and develop a complete retreat experience for your mission,
audience, organization, business or personal endeavor.

We position your retreat or program within communities of interest, build a greater reach,
and oversee execution so you don’t have to.

Learn about opportunities to feature your business or brand at our retreats and apply to join us today. We're now accepting applications for the WeOutside Empowerment Retreat.  

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