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We Offer Event Experiences With A Purpose! 

Are you looking for a unique and impactful way to connect with a highly engaged audience and promote your brand? If so, consider becoming a sponsor or vendor at our events. All of our events donate 40% to our non-profit organization, TW Foundation, "Tolver Wellness", in an effort to promote inclusivity, diversity, and equality within the health & wellness community.
*TW Foundation is a 501(c)3 charitable organization, EIN 84-5016708. All the contributions are tax deductible.

By partnering with us, you will not only be supporting a meaningful cause, but you will also have the opportunity to connect with a highly motivated and engaged audience.

Here are just a few of the benefits:

  • Increased brand exposure: As a sponsor, your brand will be recognized on all event materials, including flyers, brochures, and websites. This increased visibility will help you reach a wider audience and make a lasting impression on potential customers.
  • Direct access to attendees: You will have the opportunity to showcase your products and services to attendees. This direct access will allow you to build relationships with potential customers and generate new business.
  • Networking opportunities: The retreat will bring together individuals from a variety of backgrounds, including health and wellness professionals, influencers, and entrepreneurs. As a sponsor, you will have the opportunity to network with these individuals and build valuable connections.
  • Alignment with a meaningful cause: By sponsoring any event, you will be aligning your brand with a mission to promote health and wellness. This alignment will not only benefit your bottom line but will also contribute to a greater good.
In conclusion, sponsoring is a unique and impactful way to connect with a highly engaged audience and promote your brand. Click to see sponsor & vendor options at upcoming events.

There are many ways to join in and have your brand in front of a captive audience!!

We accepts product sponsorship for events,
as well as monetary donations to support our Scholarship Program Fund.


  • Event Partner: Brunch, Welcome Reception, Celebration Dinner, VIP Days, Workshops
  • Experience Partner: Swag Bag, Spa and Healing Gifts Certificates, Transportation, Speaking
  • In-kind Partner- promotional materials, free samples, glam bag item, or volunteer services provided
  • Monetary Partner- Supporting our Scholarship Program monetarily allows marginalized students join our events for FREE!
AYE-Spa Day
AYE-Photo Shoots (Vip & Aura)
AYE BrunchFit Jam
AYE-Fit Jams
AYE-Fit Market
AYE-Fit Pack
AYE-Swag Bag
AYE-Goodys Bag
AYE-Market Freebies
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AYE FitBrunch Jam- May
Location: San Diego & Las Vegas

AYE FIT FEST-Aug 17-21, 2023
Location: Las Vegas, Nevada

AYE-Reset, Repair, & Renew Retreat 3/2024
Location: San Juan, Puerto Rico

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